What brides should know before their big day Wedding vendor q and a feature in ventura county, CA:

With Makeup artist in moorpark, CA. Brigitte Caille  

1. How did you get into makeup for weddings? Tell us your story :)

I made a career change in 2013, when I earned my esthetician license. I started out doing facials and waxing, and then was asked to help out with makeup for a bridal party. I’ve continued with makeup ever since, and have been honored to be part of so many beautiful weddings over the last ten years.

I have always loved creating things with my hands. Every face inspires me and is like a canvas I can paint, using color, shadows, light, and texture.

2. What is the overall process and steps of booking make up for the big wedding day?

Most people seeking wedding makeup services contact me through my website after being referred by someone else or simply by searching for a makeup artist online. Once they reach out, I get a few details and in most cases schedule a makeup preview, where we will create the ideal look prior to the wedding day. This way, we know what we’re going to do on the big day and everything goes smoothly.

3.What are the most popular styles for wedding makeup? What do you think will be some trends in 2023?

Most of the brides that hire me prefer a clean, classic look without heavy foundation or unnatural looking skin. Most also ask for neutral color palettes. I think more brides are moving away from trends so that their look is timeless and celebrates their own beautiful features.

4.Do you suggest brides do a makeup trial before the wedding day? And What are brides not asking but they should be?

Yes, very much so! I think it’s important to know how many people will be needing services so that your artist can determine a timeline that works for everyone. So, it’s not only important to ask if the artist is available on your date, but can they accommodate your party within the amount of time you have.

5. If you could give advice to a bride, what would it be?

Do some research. Look at pictures of the artists’ work. Look for pictures of makeup that you like. Find pictures of models that have similar features to yours.

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